Monday, 15 August 2011

I hear crickets.
Every night I go to my room, clear it up a bit, put some music on, sway and I hear crickets.
I am grateful for that music and those crickets.

There is a line used far to often "its the journey!". I, with every inch of me believe in it.

I know that journey here mentioned is the journey, the process of life. But I with every inch of me also believe in the literal meaning of journey here.

Every day when I go for a class, it is not what I learned in the class that I feel good or happy about.
Its the little journey of 10 minutes that I have to myself to class.
The 10 minutes where my mind sings and wind flies.
That's my favourite part of everyday.

The little journey I take by myself in the last hour and half of my day, this last part as I prepare my being to shut down.

The small yet infinitely significant process of listening to crickets every night as I fall asleep I believe in.
I believe in the journey with every fibre of my being.

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  1. aah, I love the sound of crickets, well then, its not something that you can enjoy in Mumbai.
    At my nani's place, yes, its a feeling I cherish.


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