Sunday, 10 April 2011

Guest Post : ~g

I don't need to mention that lately I've been a little off.
So in an effort to keep my blog from withering away I asked Gurmat to write a post for me.
Here are a few things about Gurmat and the post that you should know. She is extremely cool, yes extremely and this post is NOT a poem.
Okay so thats it. Enjoy!

Why I like to stare.
I like to stare.
I stare at everything.
And nothing at all.

I stare.
At people.
At things.
In the distance.

I stare because I like to.
It helps me think.

I also like to stare because of one awesome extra-special super-duper reason.
It scares people.
Freaks them out.


  1. Brilliant!

    I love to stare too, G!
    we should do some staring together.
    Like old times.

  2. Some people in India stare at you when you go back in American clothes


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